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I am currently a Silver 4 jungle main. I plan on getting to gold in season 8 and will be working towards that goal, I am making this guide in hopes of helping others improve if they wish, some of this information might be out dated and it will take a while for me to get the champions out since I do not own all the champions.

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Major Jungle changes of Season 8

There is a new season and thus new changes in the jungle, and as a content creator and a jungler, it is my job to keep you guys informed on this information. One of the major changes is that all the jungle camps are all worth 4 CS(Creep Score) and this makes it so that current junglers that look at the CS count to predict where the enemy jungler has been early on, for instance, in the enemy is level 3 and they have 5 CS, that means that they have been to both of their buffs and that they have cleared out their wolves.

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